Submitted byKilianon Fri, 05/13/2005 - 04:19

I would so very much appreciate if you could make available the Lopburi Flat Theme for Firefox. You created a very wonderful theme, thank you!

Submitted bymarkpeakneton Fri, 05/13/2005 - 07:33

I think Firefox will require rewrite in CSS (almost, maybe) and I have not much time now. Because lopburi theme isn't about new icons but it is all widget changes. I will consider recreate it when I have time.

Anyway, thanks for your comment and using my theme :)

Submitted byKilianon Sat, 05/14/2005 - 22:21

I see - too bad I am not into CSS at all so I cannot be of any help. I'd learn it though if I were not studying right now :-(

Thanks for your reply (and ignore my other comment on this site which I made before I saw your reply here :-)

Keep up the good work!

Submitted bymaxon Mon, 07/11/2005 - 23:41

Thank you for your theme. I wish you'll find time to make a Firefox port. It will be also nice to add support for some most popular thunderbird extensions such as enigmail

Submitted byAnonymouson Wed, 07/20/2005 - 23:54

When I delete a message that has been replied to, the message does not show any symbol to indicate it is deleted. The "replied" symbol (green arrow) seems to over-ride.


Submitted byLukeon Fri, 07/22/2005 - 15:44

I really like the theme. One problem is that while I can delete messages not replied to in my IMAP folder I can't delete those that have been replied to. Do you know what I can do about this? Thanks!

Submitted byAnonymouson Fri, 07/29/2005 - 21:11

Thunderbird win98 : all icons in Message Compose need to improve not only toolbar's.
It's a very nice theme, clear, light and creative. Thank you.

Submitted byArifeenon Fri, 08/05/2005 - 23:39

Thank you very much for this theme. Lopburi Flat is the best theme I have ever seen.

Submitted bybugreporteron Sat, 08/06/2005 - 23:20

At first, thank you for this nice theme. I like this minimalistic style at all.
But unfortunately there are no smileys visible in (plain text) mails although I've checked this in the options. In other themes this doesn't happen, so I decided to use another for now.
Please fix it, 'cause I like your theme.

Submitted byAnonymouson Thu, 08/11/2005 - 00:39

The new 1.04 version is good. Thanks for solving the IMAP problem. Keep the colors as they are. They are very good. It would be nice to lose the blue lines going across the inbox to make it cleaner.

Submitted byAnonymouson Wed, 08/24/2005 - 15:51

It would be great if could make the Lopburi Flat compatible with the Thunderbird 1.1 Alpha (1.0+).

Submitted byliteonion Thu, 08/25/2005 - 04:43

I think your themework is just awesome! Best looking skin by far! And functional also! Thank you so much and please keep up the good work!

Hmm. Maybe too much exclamation marks? :-)

Submitted byliteonion Thu, 08/25/2005 - 04:47

Just to add to above:

I noticed someone saying earlier that it would be nice to have this working in firefox. Well I have it working in Firefox 1.0.6 just fine. Not sure when I've installed this and from where but it is working. Or I havent got any problems this far at least...

Submitted bymarkpeakneton Thu, 08/25/2005 - 17:11

Myself have problem with message selection (I use IMAP) with Tb 1.1 Alpha 2 on my OSX. So I step back to Tb 1.0 and wait for more usable build. I also run DeerPark nightly on my iBook to and I may consider update (very old) Lopburi browser theme for DeerPark.

Submitted byPetervon Thu, 09/01/2005 - 01:01

I wonder if you are planning to update the Calendar's theme along with your theme for Thunderbird? That would be fabulous.

Submitted byCHARLIEon Mon, 09/26/2005 - 09:20


Submitted bymarkpeakneton Thu, 10/06/2005 - 16:05

Charlie: This can be done with user CSS, that means you need to study CSS. It's about styling, not programming.

lowo: I still have problem with my IMAP and 1.5 branch, then I doesn't switch to 1.5 yet. I'll do that for sure.

Submitted bymarkpeakneton Sat, 10/08/2005 - 17:10

Dear all, Lopburi Flat 1.5 for Thunderbird 1.5 build is out now. I test with pre Beta 2 build and it works well.

Submitted byBillon Mon, 10/10/2005 - 10:29

Thanks for contributing and sharing your time for a great looking Thunderbird theme.

Submitted bySteveon Fri, 12/16/2005 - 06:31

I sure would help if Lopburi Flat had scroll bars for Mac users. Thanks!

Submitted bymarkpeakneton Fri, 12/16/2005 - 17:42


I'm Mac user too. I still can't find fix this, Mac seems to need seperate scrollbar css file. Anyway, I'll look for other solution.

Submitted byChristopheron Fri, 12/16/2005 - 22:15

Thanks for making the theme. There's one reason I'm still using Mozilla 1.7.12 and not the new Seamonkey builds, which is that they reject Lopburi Flat as an out of date theme!

Submitted bybugreporteron Wed, 01/18/2006 - 17:07

thank you for the update of your theme to the new version 1.5 of TB! unfortunately it doesn't work in combine with the very helpful extension "about:config". the window of "about:config" isn't displayed correctly and brings TB to crash at last.

Submitted byTara Pattersonon Fri, 02/10/2006 - 08:50

Hi. Your theme is really beautiful. Any way you can add support for the Calendar extension?

Submitted bySolon Sat, 02/18/2006 - 04:46

Hello mate,

I found your theme today for the thunderbird and I'm loving it. Any news about your port to the firefox?

Submitted byMartinon Wed, 06/14/2006 - 22:02

About the scrollbars and Mac OS X: I found following instruction on another theme-page and it works also here.
Extract nativescrollbars.css from > Contents > MacOS > chrome > classic.jar > global. Copy nativescrollbars.css into lopburi_flat-1.5.1-tb.jar > global

The location of global in classic.jar is a few folder-levels deeper than described, but it is easy to find. I have opened the jar-files with stuffit deluxe, but any other app to manage the content of a zip-archive should work. Worked for me with Tb under OS X 10.4.6.

And thanks so much for this theme of yours - it's great! And at last i can use it now without having "blank" scrollbars :)

Submitted bydoakon Sun, 06/18/2006 - 17:11

I like you theme very well, too!
Only anoying thing is the wrong displayed config-editor (as mentioned by 'bugreporter' on January, 2006 - 17:07)!

Would be very nice if you could fix this.

Nevertheless thanks you for your great effort!

(Recently I had _only_ changed an existing skin for some browser game (css as well). I needed hours!)

(Win2000, Thunderbird v1.5.0.4, Lopburi v1.5.1)

Submitted byBraunhirseon Mon, 06/19/2006 - 04:47


I really like your theme!!! It is well done an especially the photo has got a special impression on my. Really fine!!!!

Submitted bystef_204on Sun, 07/30/2006 - 05:07

H, Love the Lobpuri Theme for TB BUT:
Does not let one use the Config Editor as the window that pops up for it is "corrupt" /unusable.
It'd be great if u cd fix it!
Also, wd love a Lopburi theme for FF.

Submitted byJordion Tue, 08/01/2006 - 10:24

really a beautiful theme, but i can't use it since it shows no scrollbars in mac osx. :-( did you look into the fix martin posted on 14 june? i don't trust myself messing with my software's guts, otherwise i'd try it myself...

Submitted bythbon Fri, 11/03/2006 - 19:02

the best theme ... now, since firfox 2.0, something is missing. Why does Lopburi not work with firefox 2.x. Can I hope that there is coming a new version soon as possible? PLEASE !!!!

Submitted byPaulon Fri, 11/10/2006 - 19:37

I love lopburi flat on Thunderbird! I hope you will be able to find the time to extend the theme to Firefox.

Submitted byOliveron Mon, 11/27/2006 - 06:03

The theme is fantastic. I wouldn't like to switch back to any other, but on my mac the scrollbars are not visible. That makes it difficult to operate and is a mayor drawback. Is there any possibility to fix this?

Mac OSX 10.3.9 Thunderbird Lopburi Flat 1.5.1


Submitted byAndrew Phillipson Wed, 04/11/2007 - 02:21

First of all, thanks for the very stylish theme! In version 1.5.1, there does however appear to be a small display bug: if you install the (very useful!) Virtual Identity TB plugin, the icon for the "Contacts" menu item in the compose window is not displayed. I have tried to modify the plugin settings to see if this would have any effect but, unsurprisingly, it doesn't.

This problem does not arise when using my other themes (TB default and
Whitehart TB 1.2), but as I'm not a TB theme or plugin developer I'm
afraid I can't give any suggestions as to where the problem might lie...


Andrew Phillips

Submitted byJonathan Schützon Wed, 04/25/2007 - 02:11

Love the Lopburi Flat theme for TB - just hoping it'll be updated for TB2 sometime soon..!

Submitted byKilianon Thu, 04/26/2007 - 21:22

Again, this is simply the only theme I use, it's absolutely perfect. Tried dozens of others, but none of them is even close to a match. Keep up the great work, a version that works with Firefox 2 and Thunderbird 2 would be greatly appreciated.

Submitted byJim F.on Mon, 05/07/2007 - 06:07

I love this theme, thank you for for creating it. Please make a Thunderbird 2.0 version of it.

Takuapa for Firefox 3

Takuapa Screenshot

A modified GrApple Yummy theme. See Takuapa page.

Lopburi Flat for Mozilla Thunderbird

Bring Thunderbird faster than ever!

This theme is a derivative from original Lopburi Flat theme for Mozilla Suite. Lopburi Flat for Thunderbird can be found on Mozilla Update too (it's exactly same copy). Latest development announcement will be posted on this page or you can read my Lopburi Flat blog entries (they're in English).


To use it, right click at link below and choose 'save link as...'. Then open Thunderbird, 'Tools' 'Themes' and click the 'Install' button, click 'Use Theme' once you finish installation process. Restart Thunderbird to see result.


  • 14/10/05: Lopburi Flat 1.5.1 fixes many issues of Tb 1.5 [Download]
  • 07/10/05: Lopburi Flat 1.5 for Thunderbird 1.5 
    • New preferences support
    • Optimized for Classic View (Other layout will get few disturbing borderline)
  • 09/08/05: Lopburi Flat 1.04, fix IMAP deleted mail issue, Smiley in message body
  • 06/07/05: Lopburi Flat 1.03, icons changed to PNG, fix folderpane.
  • 05/07/05: Lopburi

Known bugs:

  • no tooltip for message in msg pane

Sandwish theme for Sawfish Window Manager

Please note this is unmaintained theme for a while

Sandwish for Metacity

Please note this is unmaintained theme for a while

  • included in Gnome 2.2 and later as 'Ocean'
  • as seen in LinuxTLE
  • Download

Lopburi Flat for Mozilla Suite