Twitter AIR Client Smack Down

Update: People who found this page from Google should look on the second comparison Yet Again, Twitter AIR Client Smack Down, posted on May 2008.

Long time, no see. Welcome back to application Smack Down section.

My trip to FOWA made me realize that Adobe AIR has a very bright future. The only reason I place it far ahead of Microsoft Silverlight is the ecosystem, not technology. Adobe has long established, mature Flash/Flex community and it's definitely AIR's huge advantage. (Don't worry about JavaFX, it seems like a tiny dust in this industry. Nobody uses Java anymore)

So I decide to keep eyes on AIR. Subscribing to On AIR blog is not enough, I want to try the actual AIR feeling since I've tested it when released. I choose the addictive Twitter to be my test application. The criteria is quite simple, give me the same feeling as Twitter via IM, that's all.