Lopburi Flat

Lopburi Flat 1.5

Lopburi Flat 1.5 is update for Mozilla Thunderbird 1.5 (Beta 2 is coming soon). It still works with 1.0x branch.


  • More grayish look. Statusbar is changed to gray.
  • Optimized for Classic View. Other view will get few disturbing borderline.
  • Support 1.5 new Preferences dialog.
  • Fixed check button in Compose window.

Download at Theme page

Lopburi Flat 1.04

Lopburi 1.04 is very recommended because it fixes 2 major bugs:

  • 'Mark as delete' mail for IMAP isn't shown
  • Smiley isn't shown in message body

Grab it in Theme section, same file on Mozilla Update is in progress.

Lopburi Flat 1.03

I recommend all Lopburi users to update this. It fixes many broken styles. I don't submit this to Mozilla Update yet because I want to polish it more in next 2-3 days.

File and full known issues can be found in Theme page.


  • Finally, due to bug in CSS code, I decide to convert all folder icons to PNG. Happy Web Standard!
  • Now IMAP account folder has distinguished folder icons
  • menulist has new hover state

Lopburi Flat 1.01


  • New folder icon for IMAP
  • New mail icons for Replied and Forwarded state
  • Widget: Textbox updated
  • Widget: Radiobutton updated
  • Fix Address card icon in Message Composer

Please download at Theme page

Lopburi Flat on Mozilla Update

Dear all Lopburi Flat user,

Since former Mozilla Update didn't have file upload at first (you need to submit your item via Bugzilla), I was too lazy to file the bug. And then when new Mozilla Update came, I forgot to upload it.

Now it is. You can install Lopburi Flat theme for Mozilla Thunderbird from Mozilla Update site. There are many issues for current version of Thunderbird. I'll fix them soon.