MacWorld Expo 2005 Rumour

Slashdot Poll: Revelation at MacWorld Expo?


  • New iSomethingOrOther
  • Jobs to abandon black turtlenecks
  • No one beats our crazy low prices
  • Mac OS abandoned in favor of Debian
  • Apple market share doubled, now up to 1%
  • New machines will be made of white plastic
  • Lot of new Mac viruses so Mac users don't feel left out
  • Now, less compatibility


  • Steve Jobs should rename the MacWorld Expo to iReveal
  • Not even close. Try the iSueAnyoneWhoPostsInsideSecretsSoonerThanOtherwise
  • iBodyGuard, to protect people's iPods from the iPod killers.
  • Bill Gates is Steve Jobs' father. And he wants him to join the dark side. And then he'll cut off his hand, and together they'll invent the bluetooth iHand.
  • iCantAffordIt