"Vanakgam" is Tamil word means "Hello".

Now I'm in University of Colombo, School of Computing (UCSC) for training, then I won't have much occasion for blogging. This Sri Lanka trip is very interesting, imagine people from various Asian countries come training together and speak to each other with their poor English. That's a lot of fun. I just drank with my new Brunei friend last night, oh!

I'll blog about my Sri Lanka trip thouroughly when I come back next week.

P.S. Sri Lanka girls look like Indian girls. Do someone want one?

Submitted byRyanon Wed, 12/07/2005 - 09:23

Hi there,
I was browsing through your 43 things list. We have basically the same interests. I am working on getting a small web based game company off the ground and we could use a PHP/MySQL or Actionscript guy if you would like to partner up.

Submitted bymarkpeakneton Wed, 12/07/2005 - 10:14

Hi Ryan,
I'm abroad now for week and the internet connection here is quite slow. You can email me for a talk at markpeak at gmail and I'll take a look when I have time or when I get back to Bangkok next week.