Android SDK on Linux x64

It's my first time for running Android SDK on 64-bit Linux (Ubuntu Precise). The Android SDK does not work out of the box for x64 environment. ADB fails to run due to the missing libraries. Emulator also fails and so on.

Here is my note on fixing issues. Hope it might help someone who come after this.

  1. Follow Ubuntu Document on AndroidSDK. It should cover most of normal stuffs.
  2. Install 32-bit libraries on 64-bit environment using apt-get install ia32-libs
  3. Install NDK, Eclipse and Eclipse ADT if you need them.

Official Android manual recommends installing sun-java6-jdk but sun-java is not included in recent Ubuntu releases anymore. I have no problem running Android SDK with openjdk-6-jdk though.

From my knowledge, Android does not work properly with Java 7. Sticking with Java 6 is the safe choice. You might follow this StackOverflow thread.