LibreOffice Roadmap

Recent LibreOffice releases are quite nice (they even made me think what Sun had stuck for many years). Now I want to know which direction the project is heading in the near future. After a quick search in [LibreOffice Wiki](, I found these: - [Release Plan]( - Major release (x.y) for every six months, point release (x.y.z) every month. Expect LibreOffice 3.6 in August. - [UI Plan]( - Some discussions of UI (planned) changes. Don't expect a big & fundamental change in the near future, just few useful tweaks e.g. new color palette. - [Some more UI discussions on UI components]( - Features in the future releases - [Really basic missing features and enhancements]( - [Vote for Enhancement]( - Image Rotation comes first in Writer - [Enterprises nice-to-have]( for Enterprise-wise features - [Crazy Ideas]( - Many more creative feature wishlist. The idea of removing Java from LibreOffice is fascinating.

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