My Opinion for Engadget Turning Off Comment

This week, biggest news for me is definitely [Engadget: We're turning comments off for a bit]( Some of many reactions: * [Engadget editor: Why I turned off comments]( - VentureBeat * [Gizmodo's Comment System: How It Works and Why It's Better]( - Gizmodo (This one is hilarious) * [Engadget shuts down commenting: Comment about it here!]( - BetaNews * [Engadget Calls a Timeout for Commenters]( - Wired * [Yeah, actually it was something you said: Engadget turns off comments (briefly)]( - Guardian It's definitely "iPad Controversy" and the lesson from this case is "Apple issue(s) always cause problems" (whichever the side it does). As Blognone editor, I understand Joshua Topolsky, Engadget editor, very well. This sentence is very true for me: > our commenting community makes up only a small percentage of our readership (and the bad eggs an even smaller part of that number), so while they may be loud, __they don't speak for most people who come to Engadget looking for tech news.__ Yes, the silent majority is the other one you should care. Read their mind and treat them well. The other point Topolsky told VentureBeat (link above) is also true: > “Honestly it’s a bit of an experiment,” My experiment result: only big impact can shake belief, faith, arrogance, and [Reality Distortion Field]( Being Blognone editor for more than 5 years has taught me a lot on governing. Can sum up to two lessons: * "No compromise" is the only way to deal with Apple zealots (trust me, I tried them all) * Judge the people on contributions, not mouth