UX Trends in 2009

[A post from O'Reilly's InsideRIA](http://www.insideria.com/2008/12/rias-of-christmas-future-ux-tr.html) asked 10 Usability (or UX - User eXperience) professionals where they see trends in UX headed. Some keywords: * data visualization and data exploration * Consistent user experiences across multiple devices * technologies beyond the browser * 3D * Temporal Informatics (for e.g. life-streaming services/Twitter) * We're going to stop saying "RIA" soon. Every "A" will have internet technology, and hopefully most will be rich. * the "Internet" piece of RIAs is going to be a commodity. * "Expect users to work with Flex RIAs to explore large data sets in the manner they typically do with desktop apps like Excel, SAS and SPSS" * Geospatial world * digital immersion * our solutions to problems have the potential to be much less confined to a screen or a box than we imagined I've never heard many terms above. But they are good starting point for capturing the whole picture of UX industry in the next few years.