No Easy Way to Crop Image in Ubuntu

Working with many screenshot capturing helps me know the fact that the only way to crop image on fresh Ubuntu 8.10 box is The GIMP.

By default, Ubuntu 8.10 comes with three image-related applications:

  • Eye of GNOME - as image viewer
  • F-Spot - as photo manager
  • The GIMP - as image editor

Interestingly, only GIMP has the ability to crop image.

Ubuntu Image Viewer

Eye of GNOME is yet another simple & stupid image viewer. It can only show any given image on screen. No rotate, no crop, nor any editing function.

F-Spot is photo manager but it also has photo viewer built-in. Same as EOG, F-Spot Photo Viewer is just a viewer. Ok, F-Spot sucks.

So the only way for you to crop any single image is "Open with GIMP Image Editor" and wait a few second before GIMP shows up. Press Shift+C, Enter, Ctrl+S and then Ctrl+Q.

There is the same story on Ubuntu Brainstorm. The best solution for this problem is adding image editing function to EOG. But it seems that no one care about it (yet).

So the pragmatic workaround is installing gThumb and Boom!