Howto: True GPRS as Modem on Macintosh

Applying for a new landline number (and ADSL) is painful and lengthy process. You need around 1 week to "verify" the channel and another 1 week for the signal. The only other access seems to be connecting via GPRS/EDGE (since there is no 3G network in Thailand yet). The cheapest GPRS package is from True Move. It's 250 baht/month with unlimited access (compared with 999 from AIS and 900 from DTAC). The signal quality is not so good (sometimes inaccessible) but it's the most affordable solution anyway. I can't afford 900 baht a month jsut for mobile internet access. The process to surf on your laptop with mobile phone as GPRS modem is like this: __1) Setup your mobile phone ready to access with the internet__ (or do anything that make you can browse from the phone) It's a bit tricky on True, especially if you haven't never registered for GPRS before. You need to call 9779, enter the phone manufacturer and model then wait to receive the phone settings from operator. Once you got them (3 in total) just accept it. Then you need to wait 4-6 hours before True activate your GPRS account. I know that it's too long and sounds stupid but no other choice. Just be patience. This process will be complete when you get the "Welcome" text message from True. Now it's time to apply for the data plan you want to use. In my case, it's unlimited access, 250 baht/month. You need to apply it from your phone, just follow the instruction from brochure. When everything is ready, verify your connectivity by browsing any web page from your handset. __2) Pairing mobile phone with laptop via Bluetooth__ I won't go into detail for this step. Enable Bluetooth on both phone and laptop side. Then run the Bluetooth Wizard from the laptop side (in my case, a Mac, from System Preferences). Pair them together. Don't forget to check on "use the phone as modem" option. Verify your Bluetooth connection by transferring some random files or pictures from the phone to the laptop. __3) Setup Bluetooth modem on laptop side__ It's the hardest step. You need to know some configuration first. From my experiment, these are the configurations. Open __System Preferences > Networks__. Now you should see a connection called __Bluetooth__ with the red (Not Connected) light. Put these value in that screen: * Telephone Number: *99# * Account Name: true * Password: true Then click on the __Advanced...__ button, in __Modem__ tab, put these value: * Vendor/Model: It depends on your phone * APN: internet Final step, go to __PPP__ tab. Choose __Configuration__ from __Settings__ drop down menu and uncheck __Use TCP header compression__. Now it's done. Click __OK__ then __Apply__. Check that Bluetooth from both phone and laptop are turned on. Click __Connect__ and enjoy. Note: If you still can't connect, check the internet connection from only the phone first (e.g. via phone's browser). True GPRS is __extremely__ unstable.
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ทำไมของผม pair bt mac กับมือถือ แล้วก็ dial จากเครื่องก็ได้แล้วอะ ไม่ได้เซตอะไรเลย

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I use PAN. It's easier than using as modem. (not sure Mac support PAN?)

But the problem is not all phone support PAN and it's not a feature that will appear in any brochure. Y-Y