Bleeding Edge SCMSWeb

Today I finish long await feature of SCMSWeb. The icon of dead cluster on first page!

Because the icons in Summary page are depent on XML and when we can't connect to cluster, no XML provided. So this is the reason why unreachable cluster is removed from Summary.

The way to fix is quite dirty hack, all cluster known by system are kept in config file. Then which cluster that exists in config file but not in XML is considered as 'dead'

I also fix many usablility bugs including

  • change image attribute alt="" to title="" to solve Mozilla popup
  • reduce many text in Summary for easy reading
  • many CSS fix.

finally, Bleeding edge SCMSWeb demo can be tried at MAGI cluster

FYI: SCMSWeb is our home brew Grid & Cluster monitoring tool written in Python. Now it is widely used by many grid site around the world especially member of PRAGMA and I'm the current maintainer.