VirtualBox on Mac

I just realize that [dual booting Ubuntu on my MacBook Air]( is huge barrier for me to use it. I'm always too lazy to wait the painful shutdown/reboot process. Then, I need to consider the alternative option, yes, Virtualization. I have seen some of my colleagues using Windows on their cute Apple laptops via Parallels and VMWare Fusion. Definitely, all that copies are pirate and I don't want to follow their path. After finding information around, I found that there is also a good free (as free speech) one, [VirtualBox]( Although VirtualBox web site states that Mac version is still beta and lacks some features as in Windows/Linux version, my test concludes that it's enough for normal usage. The setup process is straightforward if you've ever used some VM technologies (for me, it's VMWare Server a while ago). Just download VirtualBox disk image, install it as normal Mac application, create a VM image and setup new OS as if it's native one. [This article from Mac2Windows]( gives very detailed, step-by-step, howto for beginner. I have little problem with video resolution. It's limited to 800x600 and installing guest additional driver doesn't show more options in preference. Fortunately, [Ubuntuforums]( tends to have every answers for your every question. Just adding one line in /etc/X11/xorg.conf can fix it. Running another OS in virtualized mode is inferior in term of performance and cause some input confusions. Anyway, it's lower the barrier of booting process. I hope I can review Ubuntu 8.04 final by this method.
Submitted bygurth4ngon Mon, 07/28/2008 - 17:00

I will be buying my Macbook Air soon, and i'm considering my options since i will be using both Leopard and Ubuntu on it.

Just as you said, i dont really like the idea of dual booting all that much; too much time wasted waiting for reboots.

I was thinking of using some short of visualization software, with Leopard as my host OS and ubuntu as guest.

How did your test with VirtualBox go? what about stability and driver support?

Also, have u tried the other options, like VMware and Parallels? i prefer VirtualBox too, but it would be interesting to see the performance differences amongst all these 3 options.

Submitted byZunguon Fri, 11/07/2008 - 05:59

Just done this myself on my Mac mini, 7 months after you did, so I'm wondering if you are still using VirtualBox and whether you cracked the 800x600 problem yourself?

Xorg.conf change was not enough and I couldn't get to do it's magic (not able to see my Mac drives or USB pens from Ubuntu).

Just wondering...