Twitter AIR Client Smack Down

Update: People who found this page from Google should look on the second comparison Yet Again, Twitter AIR Client Smack Down, posted on May 2008.

Long time, no see. Welcome back to application Smack Down section.

My trip to FOWA made me realize that Adobe AIR has a very bright future. The only reason I place it far ahead of Microsoft Silverlight is the ecosystem, not technology. Adobe has long established, mature Flash/Flex community and it's definitely AIR's huge advantage. (Don't worry about JavaFX, it seems like a tiny dust in this industry. Nobody uses Java anymore)

So I decide to keep eyes on AIR. Subscribing to On AIR blog is not enough, I want to try the actual AIR feeling since I've tested it when released. I choose the addictive Twitter to be my test application. The criteria is quite simple, give me the same feeling as Twitter via IM, that's all. The only one problem is there are many Twitter AIR clients around. I can count 5 from Twitter Fan Wiki:

I started by downloading AIR runtime Beta 2 from Adobe site, installed to my Mac and tested these applications one by one. Three of them are unqualified:

  • Twinja - support only AIR Beta 1
  • Twitter AIR - no Thai support
  • Snitter - crash on first time and never get up
tweetr AIR client on OS X
Thanks Hunt for being my guess

So only Tweet-r and Spaz are usable. Both support Thai and there is no problem in average use. My final decision is Tweet-r because:

  • Tweet-r allows minimum update time as 70 seconds while Spaz allows only 2 min
  • Tweet-r respects Mac OS X HIG. I can't move its window beyond Mac menu bar. The look and feel is also native.

Note: Tweet-r is slower than Spaz but I still choose it because of benefits listed above.

Next time I would like to try Twitter Silverlight client on Macintosh.


Jonathan Snook (Snitter author) replied on my blog so I tried to use Snitter again. This time it works (I'v found several crash in most clients so this could be runtime unstable).

Snitter can use Thai and it works quite well. Only UI flaw I could figure out is the dragable area (to move your window around) is very small and clicking on "Snitter" title bring you to the web site, unexpected behaviour.

Submitted byEscRiBiTioNiSt®on Fri, 10/12/2007 - 08:41

Thank you for the post. This is what I am looking for.

Been wondering what Adobe AIR is though, so I hesitated to download the programme, while trying new Twitter apps.

Thank you!!


Sorry to hear that the app didn't work for you. I've had one other report of it crashing on startup and I wish I knew why. If you did get it going, it has 1 minute refresh times but the biggest problem is that there is a maximum 70 requests that can be made per hour. At 1 minute intervals, you're already at 60 requests leaving only 10 for updates or any other requests.

Anyways, better luck next time! :)

Submitted byhunton Fri, 10/12/2007 - 18:23

แหมมม... เขิลมีรูปคนหน้าตาดีในนั้นด้วย


Cool breakdown. I'd love to hear more about how AIR was presented at FOWA. I couldn't go (I was bummed) so another post would rock!


Submitted byMichaelon Tue, 05/27/2008 - 16:19

Check out the latest release of feedalizr (

Makes use of AS3 extensively and has some very cool features in a very small footprint.