Brilliant Kwedit

"Kwedit", the name that mimics "credit", is new payment method for digital life. From TechCrunch, [Kwedit Launches: The First Completely Unreliable Payment Network]( > Here’s how Kwedit works: they let users take on fake debt instead of paying for virtual goods with real money (or via scammy or legitimate offers). A user promises to pay later. It’s not an enforceable promise, and there is really no consequence if a user doesn’t pay. But there are built in incentives to pay it off, and Kwedit expects some percentage of people to actually do so. > > As users take and pay off, or default, on Kwedit promises, a virtual Kwedit score moves up and down just like a real-life credit score. > > Users get more credit (err, Kwedit) when they actually pay the stuff they agreed to. And if they don’t pay, the kwedit score goes down and getting more Kwedit becomes difficult. My feeling is the same as when I understand how credit system works: __Brilliant__.