My Writings

This page collects links & archives of my writings. Some of the most recent pieces are available in writing category blog post


Professional Writing

I regularly write for my web sites which are my both companies:


This blog is my personal blog. Please see the list of my other blogs on the left sidebar.

Active Projects

GM Biz

I write for GM Biz, free monthly magazine from GM group since 2010.

Thai Rath Online

I am one of twelve Thai celebrities who start writing at Thai Rath Online since November 2011. Thai Rath is the most circulated newspaper in Thailand. This column is available only on its web site, not printed version. My theme is IT in lifestyle.

Past Works


I write for E-commerce monthly magazine from 2009. See more details on my blog post.

On Open

OnOpen is the online incarnation of Open magazine. I wrote a food column "เพื่อนกินหาง่าย" for them during 2008-2009.

Bangkok Business Newspaper

I was an IT columnist for Bangkok Biz since March 2003 until Jan 2005. This is the archive of all articles I wrote. All in Thai

  • Open Source
    For: Bangkok Business Newspaper, Sci-Tech Section (Thursday)
    Period: March 2003-Jan 2005
    All about Open Source software, breaking news, analysis, application reviews and so on.
    Open Source archive
  • Byte Culture
    For: Bangkok Business Newspaper, Sci-Tech Section (Thursday)
    Period: August 2004-July 2005
    Emerging technology, web stuffs, gadgets, technology trend.
    Byte Culture archive

Other Works

Articles which are published in various newspapers and magazines.

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