GeekUp Sheffield - June 2008

[GeekUp]( is the name of monthly social meetings of tech-minded folks who live in the North West of England. At the moment, five cities participate: Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Preston and Sheffield. I came up with [this event]( by chance. (I just subscribe to any events in Sheffield from Since [my previous BarCamp]( is full of good experience then I'm not reluctant to join GeekUp Sheffield. The venue is a local pub called Fat Cat, a bit far from my place but still in walkable range (I went by tram, anyway). 30+ people shown up so the small room was full!!! There were four presentations. The first one was about getting into agile software development. I can not remember anything but this diagram. It's quite cute to call a good discipline coder who is just so so on technical side as __n00b__. The next two presentations were in 20x20 pecha kucha style. The former was about using AI in business organization. The most interesting issue I can recall is AI decision is more difficult to be sued (especially in medical diagnosis). The next big thing in AI world to watch is not technical but ethical. The latter was How to be not-so-suck in Mario Kart. More than half of people in that room own Wii (which I don't) and all of them are already addicted to Mario Kart. The speaker's advice is finding your best character, not most favorite. In case that you can't find it, Yoshi is a good start since he's well balanced. The other advices are download ghost racing data from the internet and avoid Rainbow Road track. Final session was the keynote from [Steve Coast](, the founder of [OpenStreetMap]( (Yes, founder!) He is a brit who now lives in US. For those who don't know what it is, OpenStreetMap for maps is same as Wikipedia for textual content. OSM goal is to create a free (as in free speech) street map of the world by collective intelligence, people with GPS device and sharing mind. The map quality of OSM, in term of accuracy and coverage area, is not yet so good. While there are some areas with incredible detail, many are still missing (sadly, Thailand is in the latter). If you reader have GPS unit and want to help, please go straight to OSM site. Steve is friendly, informative and also open source advocate. For the question like "will people edit their street to death end?", his solution is simple "given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow." He now start a company called [CloudMade](, which is Red Hat of OSM. The only bad thing in this event was Fat Cat served hot food until 8pm, which means there is no proper food for dinner. I then needed to leave early to find [something]( to fill my stomach.
Submitted byPaul Brabbanon Thu, 07/03/2008 - 18:02

Hi, I was there too, that's a great summary of the night. Thanks for posting it!