Thailand Web Industry - Long Tail?

More resolution version (PDF) is available at Scribd. This is my quick and dirty chart to see the competition inside Thailand web industry. Data is gathered from []( on 22 May 2008 and only top 100 sites ordered by Unique IP. My rough summary * Coincidentally, web sites in Top 10 need to have more than 100k UIP/day. (This will definitely be changed in near future) * As everyone in Thai web industry should know, #1 (sanook) and #2 (kapook) are standout from the rest. * The next biggest gap is between #8 (bloggang) and #9 (playpark). Both are different by ~50k UIP. We might say that the most visited sites in Thailand are Top 8. * The distribution of #10 to #100 is interesting. Considering only this information, it's very likely to be Long Tail. My remarks and suggestions * Many popular web sites in Thailand (e.g. are not listed in TrueHits ranking * For full statistics of each site, site owner need to pay more to TrueHits. Some sites (e.g. Pantip) prefer to be ranked only in limited amount. * I should add more sites to this chart, probaly Top 1000. To prove that Long Tail effect still continue in wider range. * Cross-checking by Alexa (and some other internet marketing) statistic is preferred. * Categorization of each sites in the rank is also preferred. To see the distribution by type.
Submitted bythanron Thu, 05/22/2008 - 20:02

To become popular, we'll have to go to the dark side (the very black indeed)

Submitted bymameouon Fri, 05/23/2008 - 10:22


The graph also shows what types of sites are most popular among Thai internet surfers. It shows that Entertainment has the largest audience base. If the distributions by types of sites were also available (as you suggested in your last bullet point), together they could give us a good idea of how large our targeted audience cuts into the Thai audience pie as a whole. Or maybe this information is already available?

Submitted byipatson Tue, 05/27/2008 - 01:42

@mameou just see this graph:
'What kind of websites?'

The top 2:
Entertainment -> ~40%
Game -> ~15%

Education -> ~3%
Business -> ~4%
News -> ~5%