FOSDEM 2008 Round-up

Finally, FOSDEM 2008 is finished. It's [the geekiest event in my life]( Spectacular! My actual schedule is Mozilla (almost all), Drupal (half-day), CentOS and GEGL. All pictures are on [Flickr]( at the moment. Detailed report will be published on Blognone when I get back (and have time). I also got many open source [t-shirts]( and [souvenirs]( However, the most precious should be this. (I'll give this page to [sugree]( __"Hey, we're over 'point of no return' now!!!"__ I need to thanks Mozilla Europe for partial sponsoring this trip. Especially, Anne-Julie for help on my visa document. Since the visa fee is very expensive (~£70), I extend my stay for 2 days. I went to Bruges today and now I'm in Antwerp. Will go back to UK tomorrow. Some of Belgium trip photos are [here](
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You weren't paying attention.